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Among both children and adults, tooth decay is a widespread oral health concern. In fact, more than 90% of adults over the age of 20 and 78% of children ages 17 or younger have experienced a cavity in their lifetime. At Union Dental Group, our Union dentist focuses on prevention and early intervention to help you and your loved ones maintain optimal oral health.

Cavities are caused by a buildup of plaque, which is a sticky film that gathers continuously inside your mouth and harbors bacteria that are potentially harmful to your oral health. The bacteria in plaque metabolize the sugars in your food to produce acids and irritants that cause dental disease. While limiting your intake of sugary foods brushing and flossing daily are important for combatting the effects of plaque bacteria, it’s also important to visit our Union dentist office for an exam and teeth cleaning twice a year. In this way we can monitor your oral health, address plaque buildups, and provide prompt care for any cavities or other conditions affecting your oral health. With a professional teeth cleaning, we can thoroughly remove any residual buildup of plaque from difficult to reach areas between your teeth and gums. We strive to make these visits a valuable learning experience, especially for our pediatric patients, who are beginning to learn the importance and responsibility of maintaining excellent oral hygiene. To further reduce a child’s risk for developing cavities, we can also provide dental sealants and periodic fluoride treatments. For patients of all ages, our dentist performs a comprehensive examination, using advanced digital radiography, as needed, to diagnose any tooth decay or other conditions in their earliest stages. To treat a cavity, we gently and precisely remove the decay, then restore the tooth with a dental filling. Our office utilizes the latest generation of durable, tooth colored materials, which blend seamlessly with your smile for aesthetically pleasing results.

At Union Dental Group we keep pace with the most advanced approaches to halt the onset and progress of tooth decay. Our Union dentist personalizes treatment, keeping you informed and at ease throughout every visit. To learn more or to schedule, call today.

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